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3dSkiMaps Is Up Again

Had a hard drive crash and lost a lot of new artwork, then neglected 3dSkiMaps for almost two years! Meanwhile it was still running until sometime this year when my ISP changed server settings, apparently.

So now it’s back and I’m back, and I’ve got everything working again, and also a new 3dSkiMaps mobile web app.

Added Steamboat, CO

Back to the USA with Steamboat, Colorado. I’ll add lift lines tommorrow.

Added Karakol Ski Base, Kygyz Republic

This is a nice looking ski area in Kyrgystan, aka Kyrgizia (Киргизия) or Kyrgyz Republic. The nearby lake, Yssyk Kol, give it the feel of another Tahoe, though this lake is about 5 times as long and wide as Lake Tahoe.

I included the Bowl, even though it isn’t really part of the ski base. But I’ll bet they have some way to get you up there.

Added Val d’Isére, Tignes, France

I was watching women’s super-combi at Val d’Isére on tv today, and felt I should do this map. Another very large area, with too many lifts to consider adding at this time.

Added Les Trois Vallées Ski Area, France

I added Les Trois Vallées, France. It’s a very large ski area complex, with many, many lifts, so it’s going to take a while to get all those in. As a compromise, I put the major towns and peaks on there, after their official trail map. At least those give some sense of location.

Tried adding Malam Jabba, Pakistan, and Gulmarg, India

I tried adding Malam Jabba, Pakistan, but there some huge holes in the data, so that’s out. So then I tried Gulmarg, India. The data was much better but there was one hole right in the middle of the face of the mountain and my slope algorithm was unable to handle it, made a big streak down half the mountain. So I’ll see if I can fix that.

Meanwhile, I’m working on Les Trois Vallées, France.

Added Kitzbühel, Austria

I’ve added Kitzbühel Ski Resort, Austria. No lifts yet, though, that’s a lot of lift lines!

Added Dizin Ski Area, Iran, with lifts

I added Dizin, the best known ski area in Iran complete with lifts. The latest imagery on Google Earth looks like 1 meter resolution for Iran, so it was easy to pick out the lift lines.

The elevation data is pretty bad, though, I guess it’s on 30 meter postings, so you can see the pixels. I recently did Zermatt, Switzerland, and I didn’t check but it must have been on 15 or 20 meter postings, because it was finer than Iran, but not as good as the US.

Since I figured out the bug preventing resorts outside the US and Canada from showing up correctly, I redid the ordering so now North America comes up first, and then the rest of the world. For the Summer I’ll make it where the Southern Hemisphere takes precedence. Might have to do some kind of preferences cookie, too.

Fixed the forum and added a page with a contact form

Somebody had to contact me through my blog because I had somehow messed up the forum and didn’t have a contact page. So now I’ve fixed the forum so you can actually post to it, and added a contact form if you have any questions or comments.

I looked into importing posts from the old forum, but it was going to take more time that I felt it was worth.

Added Zermatt, Switzerland with Ski Lifts!

I finally put a European resort in my stable. It’s still just the 30 meter data, but it’s better than nothing. For some reason I had to fiddle with the positioning to get it to work, and even then some of the areas in the “back” don’t fit together. But those are non-ski areas so it’s not so bad.

Also, I fixed a long standing bug I didn’t even knew existed. I’ve been grouping all North American resorts into one top level category, but for those outside of this area I put them into their own country, and then select by name. When I went to a URL redirection scheme over the Summer, I didn’t take the extra level into account so none of the non-North American areas would have been available, if I had made them available outside of the Google Earth Plugin page. Since I wasn’t doing that, I never knew I had the bug.