3D Ski Maps With Color Mapped Steepness

3dSkiMaps Comments

Anonymous - 16-Apr-20
I love the 3dskimaps and it used to work :) but not any more :( I installed and uninstalled googleearthplugin with no luck. I am running windows10 (which should not require a plugin?) Any suggestions on how to get the 3d working on my laptop with windows10 or on my phone with Android?
Anonymous - 16-Jan-19
It's now the same ticket as Squaw. Take the shuttle over there for amenities, if that's more important than skiing.
VinnyBoy - 09-Nov-23
Whether your a first timer or a powder junkie, Alpine Meadows has enough white stuff for everyone. No, there is no boutique-filled village at this understated resort, no sushi restaurant, no wine bar, and no movie theater, this place is made for those who wants nothing but the white stuff, sorry destination skiers. Just kidding, I found a review with all the amenities Alpine offers, check it out...http://skiresorts.com/content/alpine-meadows
Chad's Thigh Gap - 17-Feb-28
Back when Alta was for skiers
Chad's Thigh Gap - 17-Feb-28
Back when Alta was for skiers
Chad's Thigh Gap - 17-Feb-28
Back when Alta was for skiers
Chad's Thigh Gap - 17-Feb-28
Back when Alta was for skiers
Anonymous - 09-May-16
Anonymous - 12-Nov-29
Why do the colors not match the terrain like they do on most of the other ski maps.
Anonymous - 15-Dec-20
Yeah, Zuma it isn't boring and flat.
Anonymous - 12-Dec-12
montezuma is nothing like blue sky. be real
TinyKing - 11-Sep-07
hi~ I have a problem,that I want to show a drop_down menu over the google earth plugin, but it always under the google earth plugin, can you show me how to do it? Thanks! My skype ID: jianchao.wang Can you add me?
Anonymous - 11-Mar-25
Upper east wall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09Cff0v4yx4
Anonymous - 09-Sep-21
Anonymous - 09-Aug-20
the hike is def worth it!!!!!
Anonymous - 08-Dec-01
montezuma kicks ass..like blue sky except smaller
Anonymous - 08-Apr-17
east wall rocks
Anonymous - 08-Mar-26
A Bay Rules!!!
Jay - 07-Dec-19
Way cool
Jay - 07-Dec-19
Way cool
Dale Earnhardt - 15-Dec-09
Dale Earnhardt - 15-Dec-09
Andrew K - 12-Feb-10
These are cool but why only cut runs? What about the tree runs?
Doug - 08-Dec-06
The lower mountain has some of the steepest runs on the mountain.
David L - 08-Aug-17
Hi Dale Quick question on the lower section of the Aspen Highlands map. It looks way too steep (compared to my recollection) on the section from Golden Barrel to Upper Jerome, and the bit that bypasses Upper Jerome. Could there be an error do you think ? These maps are so useful. They are a great service to us skiers. Any chance of adding Snowmass some time please ? ciao David
ole jensby - 12-Mar-03
Looking at the interesting map , I would very much like to see the ski routes, Then it would be really interesting.
skitirol - 09-Sep-16
more of this at www.skitirol.nl
CalSki - 14-Jun-27
Most underrated Mountain in the Sierra. BV has steeps,chutes,cliffs and great powder days.
B C J - 14-Apr-11
it would be great to see the whole village side (new 400) not just lunch/home run
Anonymous - 13-Mar-08
this is only grizzly bowl...not even most of bear valley as a whole
Skiva - 10-Dec-06
Spy Glass
Skiva - 10-Dec-06
Spy Glass
Anonymous - 08-Mar-04
Hibernation has changed - it's now a high speed quad called Polar Express.
Anonymous - 08-Mar-04
This is a very cool map! I noticed two runs are missing - Home Run and Lunch Run - which are two of the longest and lead back to the town of Bear Valley. Can these be added?
Bojan - 10-Feb-01
3D map of skiing in Beaver Creek http://sportypal.com/Workouts/Details/124667
WildBill - 17-Jan-17
I concur with Bridger Bowl. Its ridge is much like the ridge at Taos. You should also do Revelstoke and Kicking Horse!
Anonymous - 14-Mar-15
Ya man that would be awesome if you did Bridger Bowl!
Anonymous - 14-Jan-26
let's get a shot of Lone Peak Close up, and Dude! You gotta do Bridger Bowl! It's steeper than all these other places!
ken - 11-Dec-16
pooch - 11-Sep-12
haha yep
Greg - 11-Sep-12
Hey Pooch, this looks sweet! Can't wait till January!
pooch - 11-Sep-11
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The Boxxerace - 14-Jun-27
Please consider changing the steepest terrain from the color black. It just does not stand out at all from the underlying black rock.
Anonymous - 10-Feb-27
I like it
Anonymous - 10-Feb-27
I like it
Anonymous - 14-Sep-05
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Anonymous - 14-Jun-27
i think the E chair is my favorite. Its very challenging and it has kinda that old school vibe with the old two seater chair lift.
Anonymous - 11-Mar-10
The blues on both 8 and 7 are some of the easiest blues in Colorado.
Anonymous - 10-Feb-09
going to Breck Mar. 12. Is peak 7 or 8 better for a beginning blue skier?
Anonymous - 10-Jan-01
Yes peak 7 is flatter, but the rolling hills make up for it, and are very fun
james - 09-Nov-15
goin breck 4 christmas 4 a week cannot wait :)
Anonymous - 09-Jun-29
Anonymous - 09-Jan-30
Peak 7 data is missing
d - 08-Sep-16
yippie kay ay
Chris - 08-Apr-14
Very Cool!
Anonymous - 08-Jan-22
Anonymous - 08-Jan-22
jesboogie - 13-Aug-07
Snowboarder Paradise
Skiier115 - 12-Dec-06
Nice ski area. Went there over thanksgiving. Runs are narrow but fun to speed down,
Skiier115 - 12-Dec-06
No yellow atop Resolution
Skiier115 - 12-Dec-06
Probable all blue in northern Copper Bowl
George - 12-Oct-24
These aren't designed to mirror the resort map trail ratings (i.e. mogul or park runs), they're only useful in showing you the "steepness" of the runs. You should always refer to the trail map published by the resort before selecting your run.
Anonymous - 11-Feb-21
Cool maps. But they're not accurate. Some slopes are 50 degrees or more.
Dave - 09-Sep-15
The maps are pretty accurate. However, there are a couple of mogul filled blue square intermediate runs like I-Dropper that though they are not too steep can be a bit "interesting". Also the runs to the left can get icy in the afternoons (and scrapped off by riders as well).
Doug - 09-Apr-01
Really helpful in planning to do my first blue.
Dave - 09-Feb-24
I just wish they would show mogul runs. I don't know how they would do it but it would be cool.
Anonymous - 08-Dec-25
this map is awesome
Chris - 08-Apr-14
These maps look, seem, and most likely are extremely accurate. I never would have viewed it this way.
Anonymous - 15-Oct-01
lat year was my first time at CB and was there for 4 days...each day we got 10 fresh inches of powder!!!...best palce ever!!!..runs were amazing with lots of fun back country..and some spots i has weist deep powder!!!
Anonymous - 14-Jun-16
dictator - 14-Jun-16
Anonymous - 13-Dec-30
I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous - 13-Dec-30
I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous - 12-Feb-12
I've skied both, like many, and can say without a doubt that CB has more extreme terrain than any, hands down. There are few in the world that can ski everything this mountain has to offer. Breck is good, but CB has shorter lines and a better "feel."
Anonymous - 11-Apr-25
I lived in Breckenridge for 7 yrs. before i made my first trip to Crested Butte. Needless to say, i immediatly packed my bags and MOVED to CRESTED BUTTE :) The skiing rocks and the sense of community and people that live in blow Breckenridge right out of the ballpark. The only thing the 2 towns have in common are that they are both ski towns. Growth is inevitable. The skiing is what its all about. Enjoy it, live it, love it!!!
Rick - 10-Feb-23
No idea how you can compare CB to Breck like that Crusty. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me, especially with the unwarranted "-stans" comment. Pretty obvious what political fringe you hail from. Back to the mountain itself, there are never any lines here. A skier's dream! You can find me in Teocalli Bowl.
Anonymous - 09-Dec-30
this map is incorrectly made. i ski at crested butte rather commenly, and they have a slope called rambo labled as have one pitch of 45 degrees. Rambo is the steepest cut slope in north america, averaging 58 degrees. google it
Trish - 09-Jan-15
Not quite Breck, thank the gods! I just moved here and yes, I left the east coast, but the attitude and atmosphere is sooooo awesome! It goes with the amazing "huge" mountain! Come visit a mountain without lift lines (ok, maybe a 3 minute wait on weekends) but come with a nice attitude! :) trishgiassa@gmail.com
Crusty OB - 08-Oct-16
Lot's of others to rival/compare, but this is a "small"/special mountain that skis "huge"! A-game is warranted on many of the upper t-bar served parts... Used to be a "locals place" with a few rich Texans... Sadly, CB is now looking more like a destination resort for kalis, back easters and those that want it to look like Breck. Hmm, we all hated TX until we met the kali-stans and nu-york-i-stans? The Ice Bar in the middle is awesome...
Anonymous - 12-Apr-25
FYI, Diamond Peak is in Nevada, not California. Thanks
Anonymous - 13-Apr-12
could you do one for courchevel?
Anonymous - 11-Aug-17
Anonymous - 11-Mar-29
completely inaccurate as the colors don't correspond to the google earth terrain at all
Anonymous - 09-Jan-05
can you put a new map up? this is hard to read
Anonymous - 08-Dec-30
dis one no worky. ynot move?
John Hanlon - 13-Sep-11
Jackson hole map is missing the tram and the new Casper lift
Anonymous - 08-Dec-11
Now i can prove to my frind that he did survive 40 degrees!
Anonymous - 08-Dec-11
I think its perfect! Now I no were to go and were not to go! Its better than enything else ive seen.
Anonymous - 08-Feb-26
One other question - in the zoomified version, it seems like double diamonds and double squares are not shown. Is that the case for the poster as well? Thanks.
Anonymous - 08-Feb-26
Is the current version of the poster at CafePress accurate? I was thinking of ordering the poster now, but wouldn't want to if you are going to be making corrections. Thanks!
Dale - 08-Feb-18
Yeah, pretty much everything above orange is 40 degrees or more. Now I see I need to update Jackson Hole. The Zoomified version is right, but the other still images are out of date since I made a correction to my slope calculations.
Jonas L - 08-Feb-18
Very cool. Now I can prove to my wife that she has skied 40 degrees and survived!
www.kyvideoservices.com - 08-Feb-06
Can I get this in a printed form to take on the slopes? This would be perfect to stay out of trouble and know where we are all the time. Nice work!
Mario - 12-Sep-20
Wow! c'est la premiere fois que je vois ça!
Anonymous - 11-Mar-09
its just what i wanted...but better
Anonymous - 11-Mar-09
I was at JAY PEAK the other day - 10-Feb-02
And it was AWESOME http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnBhJ61gNcw
Lorraine B. - 09-Oct-29
This is great! As a geographery/mapper I've always wanted to see this. Keep up the good work
Anonymous - 14-Jun-27
this is probably the most beautiful resort in Colorado outside of blue sky.
Anonymous - 09-Feb-14
D20man - 09-Feb-08
This place is soooo cool. I go there every year, and it is always good. I would reccomend it to anyone.
Anonymous - 15-Nov-17
this mountain is on acid
Anonymous - 15-Nov-17
this mountain is on acid
Anonymous - 14-Jul-05
poop to your world!
Anonymous - 12-Dec-01
Anonymous - 12-Jan-19
Anonymous - 10-Feb-10
yup, yup, yup jeez Go killington!!!!!
elkskieer13 - 09-Feb-14
When i went it bite my face off cuz i was on a doulbe diamond and my ski randomly fell off and yup i tumbles the rest of the way down and yup i had to walk back up for my ski, googles and poles and yup my other ski stayed on and i twisted my leg pretty bad yup
The Daily Yabber - 08-Oct-13
this message is for all the lum-bum heads of the askiban. This mountain can be hard and not hard.DONT LOOSE YOUR SKIIS. And the mountain might bite your face off. POOP TO THE WORLD!
Anonymouth - 08-Feb-17
Anonymous - 17-Mar-09
The Top of Kirkwood is steep. The rest not so much. Vail has killed Kirkwood. This year they have more than 600 inches of snow and they are closing early in mid April while the rest of Tahoe is open until July. This year Vail didn't open Kirkwood on a dozen different powder days and they blame a lack of staff. Frustrating beyond belief.
Anonymous - 15-Dec-08
Fawn Ridge on the backside is the place to go! Extremely good snow and no one goes back there. Best part about The Wood is that going OB (out of bounds) is completely legal!
Dave Koleno, Chicago - 11-Nov-28
I feel like James Bond when I'm skiing sunrise at kirkwood! AWESOME
Anonymous - 11-Jan-25
I like how the steepness meter actually goes up to 70 degrees for K-wood. There is talk of reopening the Cirque (60 degrees) which was closed because of an avy years and years ago.
Anonymous - 10-Mar-16
this place is pwnage
Anonymous - 09-Sep-06
The Wood has as much steepness as anyone could wish for! Love it!
Ace - 09-Jan-11
This map is great...I'm going to Kirkwood for the first time next week so now I know where to go!! Thanks
kuku - 08-Dec-30
beautiful!thank you. very useful ,especially slope angles in double black terrain. cant get google plug-in to load.
Anonymous - 17-Feb-01
Fuck this scam site and your objection to the correct language for stating this.
Anonymous - 14-Jan-26
Thank your for the maps! They are great!
Anonymous - 11-Dec-28
vulgar is not provocative, just crass
Anonymous - 11-Jan-10
Anonymous - 10-Dec-05
fuck u mr priest or something!!!!!!
Anonymous - 10-Dec-05
geez guys cool it on the cussing
Anonymous - 10-Dec-05
everything to do with east coast is shit
Anonymous - 10-Dec-05
yeah damn okemo!
Anonymous - 09-Mar-08
Or your butchering of the English language
Anonymous - 09-Jan-27
QFT about the Okemo crowd. The only thing worse than those little Okemo brats is their parents.
Anonymous - 08-Dec-05
That was what I mean, it was showing the slope of the hill, not the run cutting across it. It is so shallow you have to skate it. A good guide to about what to expect though. Can't really expect it to take wind loading etc. into account. I just feel sorry for okemo locals, no wonder their race team is always so crabby and rude when they are skiing LL preseason.
Crusty OB - 08-Oct-16
Shut up and ski! It's all snow...
Anonymous - 08-Sep-22
In Colorado there are few runs with slopes less than 20% all the way down. Almost every resort has some greens runs with short spots of 25% slope. To be fair some also have old fire roads that run across the slope like the "Cinch Run" at Beaver Creek. These mitigate the slope for beginners. You can't really parallel but you do get a nice gradual decent under control.
Anonymous - 08-Sep-10
According to this, a green trail is 22-35 degrees.
Anonymous - 10-Nov-16
*Paradise looks fun
Anonymous - 10-Nov-15
Palisades look fun...
alwaka - 08-Dec-18
Best mountain in VT
Darrin - 13-Apr-04
Really cool 3d look. Not sure how the folks above are using it, works great and I found the top of the gondola in seconds. I guess if you do not know the mountain very well or you are not good with spatially...
Marcel - 10-Mar-21
Hard to find a lift chair. For example, where is chair 9? I looked for fifteen minutes and I still cannot find it. Very disorientating
Anonymous - 09-Mar-28
It doesn't work!
Anonymous - 16-Mar-29
You can't force snow where there isn't any. And parks suck. You don't need to use real terrain for that cheese--learn to ride.
Anonymous - 12-Feb-29
really easy to go past the area boundary on the outer bowl run (bottom right of map); if you don't cut across you're lost in the woods. I know from experience!
Anonymous - 11-Feb-26
The Ster - 11-Feb-22
Yes, Baldy kills Big Bear in terms of terrain... no real park here though. They have plans to develop the backside and add more snowmaking... like someone else said...I think they need to go corporate to get the funding and influence...
Anonymous - 10-Jan-28
Mt baldy is a world class mountain! How about some corporation just buys it and make it into world class resort with ten times more lifts and snow making! It's also so close to LA.
Anonymous - 09-Oct-20
Great map! Is there a park?
Dale - 08-Mar-23
Thanks. One of these days I hope to do all the resorts everywhere. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting ones out there.
Ciotti - 08-Jan-26
Great visual. Really gives a true trail map to this hidden gem of a resort.
Anonymous - 17-Mar-09
So steep! Only place in Tahoe with 1500 vert at 55 degrees. The most skiable terrain above 9000 too.
Anonymous - 14-Jun-27
its not weird! NV is the most mountainous state in the contiguous US.
Anonymous - 13-May-25
It is in Nevada idiots!
derp - 12-Jan-05
Roberta - 11-Oct-12
Mt. Rose in in Nevada! Outrageous.
Anonymous - 11-Mar-27
Rose is in NV,not CA.
Anonymous - 10-Jan-01
this is weird
Anonymous - 15-Dec-08
Thought for sure Burnout on the backside would show some dark pink. Guess I'm wrong.
Anonymous - 14-Apr-03
There's no lookout :(
Anonymous - 11-Oct-04
Wait, is Lookout Mountain included on this map?
Matty - 11-Apr-25
There is no comparison of the terrain between Squaw and Northstar (Squaw is obviously superior), but no way could you say Squaw has a better park. The run Northstar's park is on is steeper than Squaw's too.
Anonymous - 11-Feb-26
Anonymous - 10-Feb-24
Best all around parks for where? Not even the north shore, Sugar Bowl and Squaw have it trumped. Maybe if going slow is your thing, but the best parks need some steep to get speed, but then again you are probably one of those knuckle dragging apes that speed checks before the jumps only to land on the table top.
Anonymous - 08-Sep-24
northstar is one of the greatest all-around parks out there, who cares if there is no pink you homo
Anonymous - 08-Sep-11
flatstar for sure. no pink.
Anonymous - 08-Jun-09
Anonymous - 08-Jun-09
great! wat about lookout Mt?
Anonymous - 17-Feb-17
Anonymous - 17-Feb-17
Anonymous - 17-Feb-06
Steve - 13-Feb-07
soooo no new map lol?
Anonymous - 12-Jan-19
I know that south face and jackson gore are missing but i still consider okemo to be a mountain that lacks challenging trails
Justin - 10-Feb-23
This thing is truly ancient, and yes it is easily 15 years old. Look at the Solitude area, "The Plunge" isn't even there and that trail was cut for the 1993-94 season I believe. No South Face, which was 1995 or so. No Jackson Gore. May as well take down this map its so far from being an accurate representation of the current resort. Dale, hope you eventually get around to an update!
Anonymous - 09-Mar-03
looking forward to the new map.
Anonymous - 08-Dec-05
So, do you skate ski down everything?
Dale - 08-Feb-17
Okay, I found a recent SPOT image of Okemo, so I'm going to buy that and update my map. Should be a week or two. Yeah, getting close to end of ski season, but still.
Anonymous - 08-Feb-13
As stated, this Okemo map is ancient - whether 5 years or 20 years. No South Face, No Jackson Gore - but the map is fine for the half of the mountain it shows.
Dale - 08-Feb-09
Yeah, some of the images I'm working with are pretty old, but not 20 years, more like 5 or 10. In some cases I've been able to find recent images. I'll see if I can find something to update Okemo.
Anonymous - 08-Feb-09
this is a map of okem from at least twenty years ago, the south face not showh here at all seems to have a bit of a purple glow to it
Anonymous - 10-Feb-10
Anonymous - 10-Feb-10
Anonymous - 10-Feb-10
WildBill - 17-Jan-17
You need to do Silverton! Their easiest run is 30 degrees! They have no greens or blues. Only expert terrain.
DaleSki - 15-Mar-09
I have skied lots of 4 black diamond steeps, and I give Red River 3, three Rs, "Red River Rocks." There is more to skiing than the number of "steeps." Red River is one of my favorite places.
Clint - 11-Jul-26
I agree with Red River; New Mexico is a team and that's how it should be. I prefer Taos as well but I love love love Red River too. Both mountains are outstanding and quaint, just like I like it. Went to Winter Park in CO and it was just too big...
Red River Ski Area - 09-May-26
Thanks Dave, we appreciate your support. Jon, we like to think of ourselves as a team under Ski New Mexico, as all of us offer something a little different throughout the state.
Dave - 09-Jan-04
Get Real... Red River is great!
jon from taos - 08-Oct-31
red river sucks taos rocks
ryan pinjuv - 07-Nov-21
could you get Alpine Meadows added??
Dale - 07-Aug-06
Just testing
Benedict Gomez - 13-Feb-27
This is where I learned how to ski and where many of the area schools have ski club. You can see why. It's a perfect place for beginners an/or low-level intermediates.
Anonymous - 09-Mar-02
This place might be all beginner trails, but if you can ski here... with gapers on all sides of you, 2 feet away, and with the bad snow - well my friend you can ski anywhere! Might not be steep, but that doesn't mean it doesn't present its own unique challenges!
elkskieer13 - 09-Feb-14
WOW! this place is really really small and like all of the trails are for beginners except on the bottom left WOW! LOL
Anonymous - 16-Oct-27
cirque looking sick!
Anonymous - 09-Dec-11
aawesome i love the bird
Anonymous - 15-Dec-08
Extremely flat. Unimpressed.
Anonymous - 14-Sep-05
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Anonymous - 14-Apr-03
Also color Eagle's nest and Ambrosia, and add the Silverado to Granite Chief map.
Anonymous - 14-Apr-02
Color the Palisades.
Anonymous - 11-Apr-18
Untrue, actually, because with these maps I can also see where the steepest spots are, and make sure I get to them
Anonymous - 09-Mar-26
Need to color the palisades as well. All yellow I suppose
Anonymous - 09-Mar-11
It is extremely helpful to take my entire family around the mountain without worrying that one of us could not make it down.
Tanner - 08-Dec-23
Only legit map of Squaw bro!
Anonymous - 08-Mar-08
Thanks for the maps. I'm a beginner skier and it helps me to see who has the easiest runs. Thank you again!!
Dale - 07-Nov-08
For me, I find them useful because as an intermediate skier they show me right away where I can go to maximize my enjoyment of the slopes. It seems like they are least useful for expert skiers because they're not concerned, they just go wherever and have fun.
tyler - 07-Nov-05
it was neat and yet at the same time worthless...
Anonymous - 14-Jun-28
heard from a steamboat ski patroller, i believe chute two is exactly 38 degrees
SkiK - 11-Mar-05
Wow... there is no way that the chutes are 65 degrees... I'm not even sure if they reach 50 degrees Bruce.
Bruce - 11-Feb-11
The chutes are angled away a bit in this map and T-Bone is right that the steepness of the chutes is not maintained for very long (I'd guess it's more like 300 feet or ~90 meters) but Chute 1 and Chute 3 are ~65 degrees and Chute 2 is ~70 degrees for that strech.
Bruce - 11-Feb-11
The chutes are angled away a bit in this map and T-Bone is right that the steepness of the chutes is not maintained for very long (I'd guess it's more like 300 feet or ~90 meters) but the steep part of Chute 2 is 71 degrees for that time, Chute 1 and Chute 3 are ~65 degrees and Chute 2 is ~70 degrees.
Anonymous - 10-Mar-14
I'm lookin at it now. If u have google earth plugin u can do that. no, it does not sustain a 50 degree slope, or if it does its very minor one or two turn pitch. steamboat is not steep.
T-Bone - 10-Feb-10
Yeah, for about 50 meters.
Ryan - 10-Feb-05
Is there a way to see this map at a different angle? I'd like to see how steep the chutes and the christmas tree bowl are. Im willing to bet that chute 1 sustains a 50 degrees slope.
Anonymous - 13-Mar-27
just saying. castlerock is about 3-4 degrees shallower then paradise at MRG. Acording to this map, sugarbush has no double blacks
Anonymous - 12-Jan-20
Rumble and Liftline in the castlerock area are steep shit. Stowe is the only mountain in vermont steeper than this
Anonymous - 11-Jun-05
Aidan - 11-Jun-05
Overall the best place to ski in the North East!!!!
Eric - 10-Feb-10
Castlerock(Rumble!!!) GReat stuff!!
Todd - 09-Jun-16
Best Mountain in Vermont. Castlerock terrain is amazing!
KJ - 14-Apr-07
@anonymous The lift to the right is to service condos
Anonymous - 12-Dec-06
Pointless lift off to the right
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ippy - 10-Feb-20
been here it was awesome but c-c-cold -30 summit.
Elsie - 08-Sep-26
Sugarloaf USA is the best! I learned there, have skied out west - the LOAF is the best!
Anonymous - 08-Jul-05
more trails....this mountain is beautiful lets skii the whole entire thing
Anonymous - 08-May-16
White Nitro, Powder Keg, and the backside are pretty steep. On the backside, you can extend your uphill arm and touch where you've already been!
utroz - 07-Nov-10
POopy shit fuck1234 - 12-Jun-02
wtf is tthis :)
Duk Stew - 08-Oct-19
3 items. 1. You have a problem with the Taos Ski Valley West Basin image. It is currently labled as Loveland Ski Area. The rest of the Taos maps are accurate. 2. I think it is a problem with your coloring engine, but it might be worth repainting some of the catwalks that run along sides of steep slopes. The slopes show up as 33 percent or higher grades, but the actual catwalks are a more leasurely 8 to 15 percent drop. Even with this shortcomming I love the steepness coding. 3. Can you offer an option to supress the color coding and just show the runs on the 3D map? Thanks.
Jake Stehli - 12-Nov-28
Innovative! :)
Anonymous - 11-Mar-10
be more helpful if these were up to date with expansions
Lorraine B. - 09-Oct-29
This is very useful, and it would be even more useful if you could overlay it or key it to a legend with trail names.
Anonymous - 08-Sep-28
sweet program
Anonymous - 14-Jun-27
Where is blue sky
Anonymous - 14-Jun-27
Where is blue sky
Anonymous - 14-Jan-25
what about steep and deep and skreefield
ANNA - 09-Jun-18
Anonymous - 08-Oct-09
try clicking on back bowls...on the left there superstar
Anonymous - 08-Sep-24
How about the back bowls and blue sky basin?
Asif Iftekhar - 16-Nov-23
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Sara - 10-Nov-13
Yeah, I really want to see if the trails at Cannon are really steep, or if the ice just makes it seem that way!
Leo Drake - 10-Feb-19
Could you please do Cannon Mnt, NH
bobski - 12-Jan-07
nuclear is not around guys........I,ve lived there for years......this is my hill
Anonymous - 10-Jan-20
windham is open and still skiable
windham mountain landskaping - 08-Mar-03
I know that and we are not allowed to show where the leaks are
Anonymous - 08-Mar-03
windham has a new owner and there are more trails plus now windham now is an un skiable mountain because of sewage and nuclear leaks

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